Hey Professional Organizers!

I see you and I understand your need for a solid agreement to use with clients.⁠

I’ve seen the bare bone PO contract templates out there and girl, they are as thin as the paper your print them out on!⁠

You need comprehensive terms when working with people in their homes and with their valuables. You also must secure your OWN protection.⁠

Give your clients faith in your skills and professionalism by presenting them with a solid agreement that outlines the terms of your business relationship.⁠

My Professional Organizer Agreement template is full of valuable industry-specific terms that will keep you protected while keeping your clients organized.⁠

This is not a generic one-size-fits all template. It was specifically drafted and tailored to the professional organizer community with their input and it is consistently being used in the PO community.

Virtual or In-Person, hourly rates, deposits, photo release…this template has you covered!⁠

This Template contains:⁠

✨In Person or Virtual Services⁠
✨Fees / Payment Terms⁠
✨Cancellation / No Shows⁠
✨Travel / Expenses⁠
✨Photo / Video Release⁠
✨Client Confidentiality⁠
✨Quick Instruction guide with tips⁠
✨And much more!⁠

⁠If you’re interested in protecting your organization business, take a look at my Professional Organizer Agreement Template and get started today with solid legal protection.

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This blog posting is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not provided for specific, individual legal advice.

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