Benefits of Using a Speaker Agreement

Do you frequently speak at events? Whether you are attending in-person or virtually do not utter a word without a signed Speaker Agreement.

The benefit of having your own Speaker Agreement each time you do an event is that it is tailored to your needs as the speaker.

A well-drafted speaker agreement will outline your speaker services, your requirements for the event (including setup, equipment, travel and expenses) and the host’s requirements (topics, length of talk, etc).

It will also get into the nitty gritty legal issues such as who owns the intellectual property. If you’re appearing on video (which these days, of course you are) then you want to know who has the ownership rights to the content and how it will be used.

Then there is the matter of payment, deposits and refunds. What if you or the host need to cancel the speaking engagement? What happens then?

There are many scenarios that can arise with speaking engagements so it is important to have all of these issues detailed in a contract. This way both you and the host are on the same page (literally).

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Need a Speaker Agreement Template?

If you’re a speaker or host of events in need of a solid speaker agreement template, check out my template at my online contract store, Legal Goodness!

This Template contains:⁠
✨Speaking Services Provided
✨Fees (with various options)
✨Cancellation / Refunds
✨Virtual Events
✨Travel / Expenses
✨IP Ownership
✨Host/Speaker Specifications
✨Quick Instruction guide and more!

⁠If want to protect your interest when either appearing at events or hosting them, take a look at my Speaker Agreement Template and get started today with solid legal protection.

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