So who doesn’t love to hear some good news about their business?

It’s the juice that fuels your sales. It gets the FOMO going. It’s how you gather hoards of fans for your brand.

As a business owner you actively keep tabs on feedback for your products or services. And if you’re smart (which you are!) you know how to repurpose this content in your marketing.

But you know if this message is coming from me there’s a legal angle to all of this…

And that’s to do it in a way that gives you rights to the content! 🙌🏾

It’s a win-win because your customers get to rave about your work and get some free promotion for their business and you get to show off how valuable your biz is to others.

But how do we get testimonials legally?

And what could possibly go wrong?

It’s just a review.

Well, typically not much.

Most of us write and receive testimonials and go about our business.

But there’s always that one…or two… or three that cause a fuss.

It’s those occasions when there’s miscommunication about the consent, usage or intent of a testimonial that can disrupt your business.

So what can come up?

  • The reviewer gives oral consent instead of written and then changes her mind about the use of her image and testimonial in your ad campaign.
  • Time goes by and reviewer forgets that he gave permission for use of his likeness in your marketing and now believes he deserves compensation.
  • The reviewer wants pre-approval before you use their testimonial in any marketing content.
  • The reviewer sues you for invasion of privacy or saying something they find offensive in relation to their testimonial.

As always in business, if you transact long enough issues will arise.

Let’s squash these issues from the start and get written permission first!

Use a Testimonial Release Form. This form is typically only a few paragraphs long. But it’s a valuable form for any business collecting testimonials for marketing.

It can be signed in person, e-signed and some prefer to add it to their website as a form with a consent checkbox.

A Testimonial Release Form makes sure that you and your valuable customer are on the same page. They will give you an amazing review and if they’re also a business owner, they receive some publicity too!

So yeah, a win-win (with legal protection).

Where does your business fall on the LEGAL scale? Let's get started!

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Contract Spotlight

Testimonial Release Form

Want to get valuable customer content but be legally covered too? Get the most important details down in this simple 1-page form that can also be e-signed or added to your website with a checkbox for consent, keeping it simple for everyone. Lawyer drafted and customer approved!

This Template contains:

  • Testimonial Release
  • No Content Approval by Customer
  • No Customer Compensation
  • Content Ownership
  • Release of Liability
  • Photo / Audio/Video Release
  • And more!

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